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I only have paint, but made five icons:

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
I don't know whether anyone will think they're good, but if you want to use one just comment, credit and the normal :)
credit: for the pictures
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too many icons atm, but I just had to say - 'just dandy' is one of my favourite moments!!! If I take it I will credit :)
ok :)
Aw. You got just the right frame for the second one!
well it wasn't me it was, I realised hadn't credited in the post, but it's been changed now!
That "Just Dandy" one is genius lmao, and they're all really class thanks for sharing :D
glad you like :)
Is it ok if I use the "You're a girl" one on I will credit when asked (I'm seriously lacking any powers of HTML) lol
sure :)
Those avatars are wicked! You're gooood! ^ ^

Ya know that avvie you've got on your L-J? That Goodbye one? I have to ask you - no, beg you:
Where did you get it?! I would do anything to have it - hand my account over to you, let you take credit for my story... pwetty please?
Which one do you mean?
You can take any of them anyway, I made them all, but they're just from paint haha
Do you like mine? I didn't make it myself, but you can go to photobucket and find it :)
yeah sorry this is my new account, haha, I don't know if you meant me anyway, sorry loll