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David Tennant
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For this reason ^ the community is now friends only.

Welcome to the Community for talented Scottish actor David Tennant! I noticed David in Foyle's war sometime in 2002, and of course the magnificent 'He Knew He Was Right' earlier this year, where he played the character you just love to hate, Mr Gibson. Of course, he's been revealed as the 10th Doctor Who. David has been a life long Dr Who fan, he collects the DVD's and has said Dr Who is what inspired him to become an Actor at the age of 3. He's also due to appear in the next Harry Potter film as Barty Crouch Jr, but he's already an extremely highly regarded Classical and Comedy Actor. Quite a regular with the Royal Shakespeare Company and he has a surprisingly good accent range, with the ability to change the way he looks fantastically! He will be in two major Drama's on the BBC in the next few months...at the moment he is starring in 'Casanova', on BBC3, Sunday's at 10PM. (It is repeated on a Thursday and will be shown on BBC1 in a few weeks).

The background image is proper 'Tennant' Tartan. :D
All latest news is on the site :)
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If anyone is concerned about David playing Barty Crouch Jr...don't be. I'm a Harry Potter fan myself and I'm mighty picky about who plays who, I've not been happy with many of the actors chosen to play some roles. But I couldn't think of anyone better to play Barty Crouch Jr, it was a nice to find out he'd be playing him, as Barty is one of my two favourite characters. He'll look the part and if you've seen 'He Knew he was Right' or were lucky enough to catch David portraying Katurian K. Katurian in The Pillowman (which is the play the Harry Potter Producer saw him in and asked him to play the part after seeing him play Katurian, you can see why...), you'll have somewhat of an insight to how brilliantly he'll play a character like Barty Crouch Jr!