fruitsome (grapefruitzzz) wrote in davidtennant,

Dixon Pix n Text

The TV times cover reminded me to "photoscan" this week's Radio Times.

"Dixon of Dock Green" is on Radio 4 at 11.30am tomorrow.

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mmm "fumbling love story"

Fumbling... sounds fun!

I'm still surprised he managed to pull in Quatermass when it was only on for 90 minutes :D
when WAS Quatermass on? I wouldn't have minded seeing him having an affair with his colleague's wife!
was it actually a live thing?
About 2 months ago (maybe more, roundabout the BBC1 Casanova screening), on BBC3. And yes, it was live.

I'm surprised they haven't repeated it on BBC1 like they do with everything else..... but then, it's no longer live. And a failed microphone/ asleep soundmixer type thing just looks so much worse when it's a replay. Although the bottle breakage and David nearly falling over when rounding a corner would still be funny. :)
It was already a repeat when I saw it, as it was originally on Saturday, and I saw it on a Wednesday. They had cut most of the mistakes out, except the broken bottle and Daaavid's encounter with the corridor (and I taped it, but later taped over it due to MY AMAZING SKILLS AUGH).

I couldn't quite follow the relationship between him and his lab assistant(?), the Doomed Astronaut's wife. I think it was cut down from a longer story. Anyway, after a few moony looks at her, she gives up on her Decaying Space Monster husband and snogs him in the end.
Niiiice! I have wanted to see that actually
I can literally hear your icon saying, 'mmm "fumbling love story"'.
Why does it have to be on during the day while I'm at college? *sigh*